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Capturing the beauty of the world and paint

Welcome to Hutsul Art Gallery, a unique artistic haven founded by the talented sisters, Victoria and Tatiana Hutsul. Our gallery is a testament to the power of creativity and the boundless energy it brings to the world. Every painting within our gallery is a product of our passion, crafted with an abundance of positive energy, and believed to bring luck and positivity to those who possess them. We cater to discerning customers who value the finest in artistry and seek to own 100% hand-painted oil and acrylic masterpieces on canvas. Our works have found their place in esteemed private collections around the world, adorning the walls of art lovers in Ukraine, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Australia, the Republic of Singapore, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia.

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"We make art a part of our schedule, but in actuality, it is our life"



Victoria&Tatiana | Artists

"We paint to create a powerful, inspiring, and appealing mood. Being completely self-taught, our brush strokes are subconscious and innovative, not memorised. This unique approach allows us to infuse each artwork with a raw, authentic energy that transcends traditional techniques."





As we sit in our studio day after day, we transport ourselves into the realms of imagination, allowing our inner worlds to find expression on the canvas. The act of painting immerses us entirely, forging a profound connection with the canvas as we translate our innermost selves into vibrant artistry.


"Art is like therapy for us, a full-time activity."


Art has perpetually dwelled within us, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for our creative endeavors and a conduit for revealing our inner essence to the world. We persistently engage in experimentation across a diverse spectrum of styles and techniques, firmly holding the belief that artwork serves as a true reflection of the artist, transcending any particular style.

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